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Buffet Menu

On your special day, let us give you and your guest a meal to remember. All your guest will be greeted by our staff members with our famous appetizers on arrival. Followed by our famous buffet selection, then finishing off with our delicious desserts.

Appetizers on arrival

- Cocktail Spring Rolls
- Chicken Goujons
- Flamed Grilled Meatballs
- Mini Dim Sims

Your Buffet

- Delicious Roast Beef, in seeded mustard gravy
- Juicy Roast Pork
- Slow Cooked Roast Lamb

5 Salads

- Tossed Garden Salad
- Coleslaw
- Potato Salad
- Pasta Salad
- Moroccan Bean Salad

Followed By Dessert

- Cookies & Cream Cake
- Lemon Tart 
- Deliciously Honeycomb Caramel Cake

Also comes with our  jacket potatoes with butter, sour cream, apple sauce, mint jelly, dinner rolls and butter portions.

Chaffing dishes are provided, salads are served in china bowls.
China plates and cutlery can be provided for a additional $2.50 per person. 

          30 - 49 Adults $31.50 per person
             50 and over $29.00
           100 and over $27.50    

Wedding Cocktail Finger Food Menu 1

Cucumber Cups With Thai Beef Salad

San Choy Pow- Chinese influenced pork mince served with hoi sin sauce

Garlic Prawns

Thai Chicken Satay Skewers

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Cocktail Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Mini Chicken Parmigiana

Mini Flame Grilled Beef Burgers 

Trio Of Dips

Price  -30 - 49 adults $28.50 
            50 and over $27.00

Wedding Cocktail Finger Food Menu 2

Cocktail Spring Rolls

Platters Of Mixed Sushi

Gourmet Wraps Platter

Crumbed Tender Pieces of Calamari

Cold Meat Platter

Gourmet Mini Pies

Salt & Pepper Squid

Garlic Prawns

Gourmet Fish and Chips 

Price -   30-49 Adults $30.00 
              50 and over $28.50 

12 items  per person. Our price per person includes a cook and 1 waiter. Please allow an additional $120.00 per waiter at multiplies of 30 people.  All of our food is prepared fresh and cooked at your chosen venue. Each menu item is served every 15 minutes and runs for 2- 3 hours depending on your chosen package.  Now that's a sure way to impress your guests!!

What you will need:

You will need to supply us with tables, tablecloths to set buffet table upon  and a kettle or urn for the gravy. We would also suggest having a few bins placed around the eating area for the rubbish. Of course, you need to supply drinks and glasses and any decoration you may want. 

We set up our buffet of delicious meats and salads on trestle tables you provide. Our staff have the hot meats in trays so your guests can select the meats, salads and condiments of their choice. When everyone has had plenty to eat, we clear the mains and set out the desserts in bowls with spoons for you to select your own sweets. We then pack up and leave you to enjoy your party.

Prices are subject to change


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